Pet Supplies Pack of 3 Small Puppy Dog Toys Grinding Teeth Puppy Chewable Toys
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The toys can make it fun to enjoy alone when you are not at home, it is also the necessary training supplies for dog lovers to play with the pet dogs and train their agility. When dogs receive a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy and well-adjusted.
Colors may vary, Color random delivery. Some toys have the bells, please pay more attention when they are playing toys and do not let your dog swallow these toys. Our dog toy pack is the best friend to accompany dogs to grow up and plays an important role in the childhood of your dog.
Help to clean and exercise the the pets’ teeth, keep their dental health and enhance the dog's jaw muscle development. That’s positively enhances the relationship between you and your dogs. Also, when you are busy, dogs can play these multicolor toys themselves and don’t feel lonely.
These dog chew toys are perfect for playing both Indoor & outdoor games between owners and dogs. It helps the dog reduce boredom and anxiety. It’s a perfect toy gift for your pet. Your lovely dog will love them!
    Chew toys in different styles for your puppy to choose from, get your dogie entertained him/herself and get rid of boredom time while you are out of home, also reduce destructive chewing behavior at home, such as biting shoes, furniture, paper towels.
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